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Error Tracking on Gitlab

Yesterday I was told that I had to investigate an issue on production that affected our end user using our web front end and was throwing a ton of exceptions. I didn’t know how to get that data until a colleague pointed me to a table which recorded our exceptions. After he showed me the table I could see the most common exceptions by fetching and grouping by the StackTrace. This made me wonder if there was a way to make this information available to the developers in a more transparent way and I found out about Gitlab’s Error Tracking page.

Gitlab Error Tracking page
Gitlab Error Tracking page

Basically it uses Sentry as the backend and requires you to setup an instance of Sentry or use Sentry.io SAAS solution.

I’m currently trying to build a Sentry infrastructure on my Kubernetes cluster currently but I’m having issues deploying it because something related to the DB migration isn’t working 🤷🏻‍♂️

edgar@UbuntuDesktop:~/k8s_cluster/sentri$ helm install sentry sentry/sentry -n sentry --create-namespace -f values.yaml
coalesce.go:175: warning: skipped value for kafka.config: Not a table.
coalesce.go:175: warning: skipped value for kafka.zookeeper.topologySpreadConstraints: Not a table.
W1206 09:21:02.633883    6836 warnings.go:70] spec.template.spec.containers[0].env[39]: hides previous definition of "KAFKA_ENABLE_KRAFT"
W1206 09:21:02.998697    6836 warnings.go:70] annotation "kubernetes.io/ingress.class" is deprecated, please use 'spec.ingressClassName' instead
Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: failed post-install: 1 error occurred:
	* timed out waiting for the condition

Once I finish the deployment, I’m planning to start sending some events to it and checking how it works so we can use it in our infrastructure. This allows a lot of value to our error reporting and make the devs more aware of the exceptions happening on production.

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